Savoir Faire Medical & Wellness Spa

About Savoir Faire

We reject the idea that beauty is only skin-deep.
We are Savoir Faire.

Established in 2013, Savoir Faire Medical and Wellness Spa was envisioned to build a unique client-to-staff experience. With consultations rooted in listening to every client's concerns and needs, we go deeper than just enhancing your outer appearance, but also aid you in transforming the person you are from within.

Our company strives to create a different type of experience for our clients in which creating relationships is key.

  • We create results, not just for the skin or your body, but to encourage a transformation within you.
  • We're here to help you realize that you’re perfect the way you are on the inside, and enhance that beauty from within to show on the outside.
  • Regardless of your gender, age, or race, our services are catered to making you not only look beautiful, but also feel beautiful inside and out.

The President and company's founder, Jenny Park – Ferreira, looked for what was missing in the beauty industry. She found that there was a lack of authentic connection with the clients. Staff members needed to be genuinely interested in how such treatments would enhance a person's confidence and security.

"There’s beauty within everyone - regardless of race or gender - and it’s our mission to let that be realized."

Another big reason as to why she wanted to create this business was to be able to give back to the community. As a single mother, she realized the strain on raising children on her own while making ends meet financially was something of a challenge.

“There’s a fear of delving back into the workforce after being away from it for so long.”

The Butterfly Project was a dream that Jenny had wanted to pursue once the business was running. In 2016, this dream became reality. A group of women who were also business owners gathered around and were ironically all single mothers or were single mothers before. They all were in support of this non-profit project and it was finally launched.


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