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Acne Treatments

Put those blemish scars in the past and say goodbye to your acne.

Acne tends to begin in your teenage years, but it can follow you straight to adolescence and adulthood, scarring your skin and ruining your self-confidence. Those who suffer from acne want to treat their skin quickly, painlessly, and effectively. Our acne treatments are non-invasive and simple solutions that will provide the results needed to make these pubescent lumps and bumps disappear.

Acne Treatments...

  • Improve your skin tone
  • Reduce sebum production (oily skin)
  • Decrease redness and inflammation
  • Prevent blemishes and future outbreaks
  • Effectively reduce acne causing bacteria
  • Smooth out acne scars
  • Encourage regeneration of collagen and healthy skin

For acne concerns, Viora’s Trios IPL (intense pulse light) and laser light therapy kills acne bacteria and decreases inflammation in a safe and effective way. This treatment can also reduce the formation and appearance of acne blemishes while antibacterial ingredients help prevent sebum production and acne causing bacteria.

For the removal of acne scars, we recommend the Fractora skin resurfacing treatment, which delivers targeted bipolar RF energy to various selectable depths in the skin. This tightens and rejuvenates the skin, reducing wrinkles, and removing deep acne and scars. It works by producing an electromagnetic (laser) energy that stimulates the regeneration of collagen and helps to restructure deeper skin tissues and encourage regeneration of healthy smooth skin.

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