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The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project is dedicated to giving back to the community of struggling, single parents who are currently Canadian citizens residing in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

We are here to create a future in which the nominated candidate(s) have an opportunity to create a new beginning in life where their struggles are put in the past through undergoing a complete transformation process inside and out.

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A message from The Butterfly Project's President, Jenny Park:

As a previously divorced and single mother, I began this project with my two young daughters in mind. This was for them and for all parents who experienced painful situations or abuse in their marriages. I shared this vision with five other women in 2016 - all powerful single moms. We banded together and The Butterfly Project took flight. As a non-profit organization, we strive to bring value, integrity and commitment to each recipient's future. We are humbled to have been an answer to someone's wishes, create possibilities and manifest dreams into reality. It truly is priceless to be a contribution and create miracles year after year.

I was fortunate enough to meet other like-minded individuals who wanted to take the project to the next level of growth. Within seven months we have become a non-profit organization and on our way to become a charity foundation. Today, The Butterfly Project consists of eight board members all who shares the same vision and has embraced the fundamentals of what this foundation stands for, changing lives and our children’s lives, one family at a time. The Butterfly Project receives nominations by referral only. These referral letters are reviewed by the selection committee before a winner is chosen.

The future for our foundation is to grow nationally and eventually globally - to be a foundation where we become a household name. To create a future where abused parents are never left feeling alone, scared, or frightened for their future. We are here to transform lives where the ripple effect will make this world a better place for our children to live into.

We hope you will join us in supporting us and our community's single parents as they transform their lives, advancing to a brighter future.